Sunday, June 13, 2010

What it means to be a working Woman: it is her Career.

As I was looking for the perfect items for a client recently, in an antique store, I found a couple of old black and white photos of women either going to work or doing work, and I thought about how us women have always had a career. The moms that I called Granny or Grandmother, mom, even my now sisters and friends, are beautiful examples of women that are not or were not scared to get their fingers dirty and do what is needed for the people around them. You may be shy in front of people, or only comfortable crunching numbers, or staying at home with kids, but most women I know will step up to the plate and do what needs to be done and worry about if it was good enough. That is what makes us who we are, we may be shy, but find courage and determination and desire when we want to bad enough. What is it, if not that spirit, makes a woman travel alone to another country, to run a business, or to stay awake all night making sure that children are okay? It is the career of Love! That is what we live for, no matter what we fill our time with it is that career of Love that pushes and drives all that we do.

Design and Decor

Being able to make a living at what we love to do is the the meaning of success. How sad it must be to dread going to work. I get to help clients everyday with making their business or home a beautiful place to work or live or relax. I love doing that.

Family time

When I have had days that are long, I am reminded that I will always be someone's mom, sister, daughter, or friend. That alone is enough to carry one through.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What it means to me

Being "it" in someone else's mind or heart, or having the perfect "it" what ever  it may be only means that we get to love and be loved.  I went to a funeral yesterday of a friends mom who passed at 58 after "winning her battle" with  cancer.  In her funeral this was stated, " Jan (the mom) would say, it is a good day if you have loved and been loved, if you have laughed and you have cried ~ that is a good day"   How wonderfully true that is!  "IT" is all about being loved and feeling emotion.  Even the tears have a place in our lives, because we have felt love or passion for something or some one.  It may be a new pair of shoes,  a new dress, a new place to hunt or travel or a new house, a new friend or an old friend. "It" may be that we made it through a hard work out, or a long day, that we made a difference for a client or someone we work with. "It may be that I gave unselfishly to someone that doesn't deserve "it"  
What it means to me is making a difference in someone else's life for the better.  from sharing only a smile or changing an entire room, or home or location for a business.  If  "IT" is those things that are my satisfaction to me through the day and difficult times then call me simple but You do get what you give and Love and kindness shared.................... always will carry you to a better place.  Always.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roller Coaster

                                              Riding on emotions is exhausting.  
              It  I have heard and said myself time will heal all.... I know this is true..... but time seems to pass so slow when you wish for time to change.  It seems hope and wishing are different things.... wishing is setting  goals.. and making choices for an end result. Hoping is believing in something better, stronger, or sweeter than what life is now.  If our work, family, or other relationships doesn't have hope, we lose faith and quit trying,  typically we move on.  There are relationships that are never without hope.  Relationships between parents and children, for example.  We never loose hope in our children.  Hopes for their future, hopes for a better relationship, hope for their lives. 
Wishing is building a dream one day at a time.  Dreaming isn't for fools... it is a good heartfelt thought that is our desires.  Wishing for that desire brings us one step closer to that dream.   

                  ALWAYS HOPE FOR MORE.  DREAM BIG, 

Wishing time away is never a good thing, so for today, for now, I dream, wish and hope.  Time will take care of today, and today I will love the people I see.  I will smile at them and I will have fun seeing them smile back.  I will love my family and friends that are felt in my heart, across the miles.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It is more than bricks and stucco

Building a new house has been exciting and daunting all at the same time. It seems that of all the choices there are to put into a house, a few of those choices are challenging. I love pulling it all together and making a design puzzle "fit". The financial side of it all, is what is daunting, but in all that I say and believe these key words keep coming up. trust and faith. I have the money, its just making the money work for me and pay for itself, is my challenge.
So many people are happy for me and look forward to seeing the house grow step by step, or want to see the finished product. I have tried to take pictures along the way to have, and go by often enough to see progress, but not be in the way. The house changes all the time and I get little (good) surprises every time I go by. One night late after the gym, I went by and found a bathtub in my house. I have a new bathtub, I jumped up and down and said louder than I should........ " woo hoo, I have a new bathtub, woo hoo!" This week they have installed the sheetrock on the walls.
I have picked the tile and flooring and have in my mind what the walls should be. When I got home tonight a note from my builder, said he wanted to meet this week and talk cabinets. That is exciting. I need to watch for "great sales" on appliances, televisions, etc. so that the house doesn't have to be delayed, because of me. Also, I need 2 or 3 pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, queen bed, maybe a desk.....
The house really has come together fast, except for weather delays. Kim (builder) has been great about scheduling his people to keep work flow happening.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I keep a day that is full and fullfilling, but at the end of the day what makes me smile, is when I can look at the people who have crossed paths with me, and know I made a difference in their life somehow, and also I know that I left them with a smile. I read a quote today that reads like this, "A smile happens quickly, but the memory of it last a long time" No matter what you look like, you look better smiling. Find joy in something everyday, even if it is small and of no consequential differences, your circle will be a better because of your smile